About us

Agro-MAP company


Agro-MAP company started its activity as a small family business in 1991, cultivating various fruits, cereals and vegetables. In 2013 it registered as a business organization (Ltd.) and started the test cultivation and production of medicinal aromatic plants and essential oils. From the early beginning, the focus is the pure organic production of all its products.

Commercial productions

Since 2014, the company's core activity is the commerical production of high quality organic medicinal aromatic plants and essential oils. It is an Albanian-German partnership that combines business with science and excellent mediterranean climate conditions with a German high-quality approach. In addition to its core activities, the company has a broad network in the Albanian agriculture and access to many products such as spices, herbs, fruits or mushrooms. Since 2018, Agro-MAP is certified organic for its own cultivation activities and wild collections.