Advanced post-harvest-technology

Agro-MAP uses custom-made advanced post-harvest-technology for drying of our medicinal plants and aromatic plants. Most noteworthy, our dryers were developed and designed in cooperation with the University of Hohenheim, which has a high expertise in developing cost-effective drying technology. All our dryers run with solar energy using the heat of the sun to dry our products. That way, we ensure a sustainable, cost-effective, mild, hygienic, controlled and fast drying process. As a result, with control over air temperature and humidity, we maintain the high content of the targeted active components. Consequently, this puts us in the position to be able to produce the best products for our clients.

Constant development of our post-harvest-technology

In addition to our daily application, we have strong expertise in the field and constantly seek to improve our machines using scientific approaches for our developments.