Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

The production of medicinal plants and aromatic plants is the core business activity of Agro-MAP. Our portfolio includes both our current experimental cultivation and our current contract cultivation. Most of all, we have specialized in the production of complex species, which require a lot of manual labor. This approach allows us to exercise full control, especially with regard to the removal of plants containing pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA plants). Most of our production is certified organic under the EU legislation on organic farming. We are happy to start with you the cultivation of new species. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Calendula officinalis
calendula officinalis organic cultivation
Crataegus spp.
Crataegus wild collection
Monarda didyma
Bee balm
monarda didyma cultivated
Juniperus communis L.
Juniper (black)
juniperus communis wild collected
Verbascum densiflore
Dense-flowered mullein
Satureja montana L.
satureja montana wild collected
Valeriana officinalis
valeriana officinalis cultivated
Urtica dioica L.
Common nettle
urtica dioica wild collection
Rubus fruticosus L.
rubus fruticosus leaves wild collected
Primula veris L.
Common cowslip
primula veris organic cultivated
Gentiana lutea
Yellow gentian
Agro-MAP yellow gentian roots
Sideritis L.
Mountain tea
siderits cultivated or wild collected
Lavandula angustifolia
lavandula angustifolia cultivated
Melissa officinalis L.
Lemon balm
melissa officinalis organic cultivation or wild collection
Thymus vulgaris L.
Garden Thyme
Viola tricolor
Agro-MAP pansy cultivation
Papaver rhoeas
Common poppy
common poppy cultivation and wild collection